Wisdom From a Seasoned Homeschool Mom

“Ditch what ‘school work’ does not seem to add value in exchange for real edification out in the world. Learn from people who are passionate and want to share that with your kids! By giving your children such tremendous exposure, they will have a greater ability to understand what they are passionate about in addition to a fine education.”

From The Contemporary Homeschooler, https://thecontemporaryhomeschooler.com/2016/11/16/where-do-your-homeschooled-kids-learn/

In my journey as a curriculum writer for the homeschool community, I have enjoyed getting to know many groups out there that allow fellow homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike to peer into what the life of a homeschooler is like. One blog that I recently came across, The Contemporary Homeschooler, has threads of information that are both inspirational and informative.

True Learning

One article I resonate with is about how kids learn. The author mentions how much freedom families have in homeschool, and how traditional school does not have to be recreated at home. The author talks about how her kids learned first hand about fossils through going on walks with a naturalist. Her point is so true!!!

Personally, as I aced my conventional schoolwork during my youth (and don’t remember much of it); what I do remember are all of the trips, hikes, home tours, and museums my mother took me to. I have this whole other set of knowledge available to me that is deep learning. When I remember those places I remember the stories and how that information — be it about native peoples, architecture, or history — how meaningful it was because I was physically present, immersed in it. That information was not assembled by a non-fiction author and set before me. I personally beheld it. I cannot deny that learning, nor can I forget it. I was there!

4th-5th Grade Resources

Another of my favorite posts is how she homeschools 4th and 5th grade. This valuable article with curriculum hyperlinks will prove useful for families planning to homeschool 4th and 5th grade. Many families considering homeschool may not be sure how they will organize their time. And, they may not know what their options are. She provides a compass for how her family priorities translate into curriculum choices, family time, and extracurricular activities.

Curriculum Wisdom

As a writer of homeschool curriculum, I agree with her wisdom that curriculum should never shackle you. The usefulness of curriculum can be compared to trip navigation; it’s helpful to have a map. When you arrive at your destination, feel free to explore. Use curriculum resources to help you navigate the major highways and interstates. There are many side roads off the highway that your family might really enjoy. If you buy my curriculum California Out of the Box, feel free to use it this way. You know your family better than I do!

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