I’m having a difficult time choosing homeschool curriculum. Where can I find reviews?

Rainbow Resources

One of the great resources a fellow homeschool mom turned me onto was Rainbow Resources.  Every year they publish a print catalogue that is 3 inches thick and filled with thousands of curriculum resources covering the spectrum of philosophies from Christian to secular.  One of the great benefits is their careful curriculum reviews; many public homeschool charters reference them for their families.  They have a user-friendly online store, and offer discounts on resources they sell.  They give free shipping on orders over $50; they also take purchase orders for families using homeschool charter funds.

Additionally, they offer to consult with families that are making curriculum choices.  Parents will also find Rainbow at homeschool conventions.  Click here to see their convention line-up.

Cathy Duffy Reviews

Another great source of information, Cathy Duffy has a Cathy Duffy has a website that features over one thousand reviews.  Additionally, she has written 102 Top Homeschool Picks for Homeschool Curriculum ebook that sells for $17.99.  She, like Rainbow, does not ask publishers to pay to be reviewed, which generates a more independent review.  She offers practical tools to help families explore learning styles and goals—which will inform curriculum choices in a truly helpful way.

Charter Schools

If you are with a charter school, ask your Educational Specialist about curriculum; they will have good knowledge of various materials.  Take advantage of their wisdom.  Also, as more homeschool charters come online, they are building lending libraries.  These are great ways to become familiar with the materials.

The Local Library

As homeschooling has grown, public libraries have begun offering homeschool resources.  Check with the central library in your city to see if they have curriculum resources.

Homeschool Conventions

Finally, each year there are multiple conventions that feature speakers, curriculum fairs, and workshops for the whole family.  These occur between spring and September each year.  They are very helpful at getting an idea of all the resources out there.  One word of wisdom; if you go to a curriculum fair, bring a rolling backpack or caddy for all the resources you will buy!


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