How do I homeschool my child?

As I have talked with friends and acquaintances over the years about homeschooling, I have gotten questions such as:

  1. Are there mandatory educational requirements in homeschooling?
  2. Does the government tell you exactly what you need to teach?
  3. Do I need to be credentialed to teach my child?
  4. Can I reimbursed for my expenses?
  5. What about social skills?  I am worried if I homeschool my child, he or she will not know how to navigate future social environments.
  6. Will my homeschooled child be at a disavantage for getting into a specific middle or high school in the future?
  7. Is it a good idea to homeschool middle or high school?  Shouldn’t they be in school for these years?
  8. How do homeschool kids perform (or transition) when they return to a school environment?


Recently I came across a great resource.  The California Homeschool Network has created an overview document for families considering homeschool that answers many of the questions above. Click on the following link for this super helpful resource:

My experience in homeschooling tells me if a parent is truly interested in homeschooling, they should give it a try.  There are lots of resources such as the California Homeschool Network and local meetups that can also provide support to new families.  And having a strong network is vital to navigating the ups and downs of homeschooling.  If you have more specific questions, you may post them to comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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