An End of the Year Thank You!

Dear Homeschooling Parent,

A special thank you to you — and all that you do and think about in homeschooling your child!  In a traditional school setting there would be a thank you card and some sort of year-end gift presented to a teacher.  This ritual is not necessarily there for homeschooling.  If you are going to continue — you know exactly why you are doing it. You know about freedom, flexibility, and enjoying the time to teach your child about what they need to know.  You know you are not left wondering what is going on in school, and what your kid is learning.   You know precisely what they are learning.  Peace of mind is the gift that comes with this knowledge.

If you are signing off and your student is graduating or going back to school full-time, I encourage you to take a moment to acknowledge that you took a brave step in homeschooling.  You put yourself forward.  Maybe you have never taught before.  You gave it a go!  You most likely know more about your child and yourself than you did before you started.  If there were difficult moments, know it’s okay.  You and your child will recover and get back to equilibrium again.

If you have ended because your student has graduated, know there is a changing of the season.  Visualize spring ending and summer beginning — literally!  While your work is over for now, it may take some time to find new work.  Be patient with yourself.  Give yourself the gift of space and time to find your next mountain to climb!

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