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Angel Island Poetry & Art Lesson Plan

This lesson plan uses poetry and art as a way to discuss immigrant experiences at Angel Island Immigration Station, dubbed the “Ellis Island of the West Coast.”  For grades 3-6.

read aloud booklist

Read Aloud Booklist

This list features a comprehensive list of books covering the classics as well as folklore, myths and legends.  See for article that inspired this list.

Must See Los Angeles Architecture Article & Resources

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What Christine is Reading

List of good books – inspirational, education related, and other fun topics.

Institute for Excellence in Writing

IEW has a wonderful writing program, suitable for all ages.

Charles Eisenstein

I have borrowed from Eisenstein’s perspective in blog articles and curriculum on this site.  For a wonderful read, pick up Ascent of Humanity.  It is available as a free download, and as a free audiobook.


Features a page with corrections and curriculum updates.