Contextualized Learning

Why Early Culture Learning is so Doggone Important

I am a firm believer in early culture learning; kids stretching to learn more about how, why, where other families live. Why do I believe this so strongly?  I attended a private parochial school through the 6th grade. At this school, families were mostly white and affluent; they had most of what they wanted — […]

Contextualized Learning

Out of Marble, Students Emerge

I have been reading John Taylor Gatto’s book, Dumbing Us Down.  One of the things I love about this book is a metaphor he introduces for education. He remembers early on in his teaching, he viewed his role as an educator like that of a painter, where paint is added to a blank canvas to […]

Contextualized Learning

Organic Learning: Developing Our Kids Carrier Shells

The Morro Bay Shell Shop is the subject of many fond memories going back to my childhood. On one of my excursions there as an adult, a particular shell caught my eye: An ordinary mollusk shell…with shells from other creatures glued to the top. Why had someone gone to the trouble of doing that, and […]

Building an Organic Factual Framework for Students

In education today, there is a raging tug of war. On the one hand, there are schools and teachers that ask students to learn extensive facts and demonstrate their learning proficiency through tests. In other educational environments, teachers encourage self-expression so that no set of rules is ever stated – the truth is whatever the […]

Struggles With Math, and Thankfully, Life Long Learning

In K-12 education, often times we parents think our children’s mastery of their coursework must look a certain way, be done by a certain time, and before a certain deadline. The impetus may come from this belief that learning by age 20 is most desirable, as popular research has shown the brain grows most rapidly […]