About Christine

Author, publisher, educator, artist

Christine Echeverri, a native Angeleno, grew up steeped in experience that gave her a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. As a child, her education covered a wide spectrum of options, from private school to public visual arts magnets. She later went on to receive a B.A. in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA and an M.A. in Economics from Cal State L.A.

She credits her mother and grandmother for exposing her as a child to the richness of California’s cultures and environment through private art lessons, museum trips, and countless other explorations. Her grandmother imparted to her a sense of wonder and enchantment about the world, and provided a living example of putting one’s passion into action as, driven solely by curiosity, she tirelessly explored the culture, history and geology of southern California.

Christine Echeverri is the mother of three children, whom she homeschooled for a number of years. The experience of integrating educational topics to guide learning in a way that was organic and holistic set her on a course to developing her own curriculum for the study of California history, California Out of the Box.

In 2020, she published Earth Party!  An Early Introduction to the Linnaean System of Classification of Living Things Unit Study for grades 1-6.  Available at the Carrier Shell Curriculum Bookstore and Amazon, the curriculum features a teacher’s guide and a student book. 

She is excited to teach several California history classes:  locally at FUNdamentals homeschool co-op in Arcadia, and — for those students outside of the greater Los Angeles area — she also offers several online classes.  For online classes, she is a service vendor through Home School Coaches.

Link to Amazon author site www.amazon.com/author/christineecheverri .